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We are so proud of all things Tasmanian, we strive to have strong ties and friendly partnership with local establishments and producers. Here are just some of them that have inspired us.

Shene Estate Distillery

Located in Pontville about 32 km from Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, this distillery is a family affair. The almost 200 year old colony building has been slowly transformed to its former glory by the Kernke family and is now open to the public.

We love the story behind this Tasmanian family and their tasty unfiltered gin. Discover the aromas and big flavours of Shene Estate in the Atrium Bar.

Tasmania Whisky Story

Number one has to be Sullivans Cove as it was awarded the world best single malt in 2014.  Located in Cambridge not far from the Hobart airport, you can pop in for a tasting but do check the opening times prior to arrival.  This product is very limited release and we only get allocated a few bottles so if you see it on our shelves; we encourage you to try it!

Belgrove Whisky is made in Kempton about 40 minutes north of Hobart.  The distiller Peter Bignell was a farmer for over 40 years but with a true Tassie “can do” attitude he made his own still. Peter grows his own rye and he still is heated by leftover biodiesel from the roadhouse near his farm -making his business extremely sustainable. His original rye whiskey is very tasty, but he also makes apple brandy and oat whisky varieties too. You will need to arrange a tour with Drink Tasmania to visit this distillery.

Last and certainly not least is the Lark Distillery.  Bill Lark is known as the Godfather of Tasmanian whiskey as he fought to overturn laws banning distilling in Tasmania that had been around since the 1800’s.  The Lark family has been distilling since 1992 and rumour have it, they’ve even sold a still or two to the Scottish. The Classic Cask Single Malt is amazing and well worth a try but if whisky isn’t your thing –they also make some great gin using local ingredients like Tasmanian Pepperberries. You can visit the Lark cellar door just across from the hotel on Davey Street.

We struggled to keep this to just three as there are so many that we like.  Be sure to pop down to the Atrium Bar and have a look at our collection.

Franks Cider

Located in Franklin in the Huon Valley, Frank’s cider prides itself of producing quality and tasty ciders using tree ripened fruits. Frank’s has a long standing history dating back to the 1800s when their first fruit trees were planted. The apple cider is crisp and refreshing whereas the pear cider is an Atrium favourite, slightly sweeter in style.

You can also discover Frank’s ciders including their cherry pear and raspberry pear at their cellar door. Located approximately 48kms south of the hotel, it’s the perfect pit stop for cider, cheese or a coffee.

Hobart Brewing Company

Within two blocks walking distance from the Hotel, Hobart Brewing Co is a celebration of what Tasmanian produce is renowned for. Made from the pure waters of the Derwent River and using only local hops, this makes for some very flavoursome brews. Their Harbour Master Tasmanian Ale contains three hop varieties and flavour cannot be compared to other beers.

These guys don’t only stock their own brews but have a range of Tasmanian ciders, wines and gins available too.

Holm Oak Vineyard

This vineyard holds its name from when Holm Oak trees were grown there for the production of tennis racquets in the 1930s. Thank goodness the quality wasn’t up to scratch and grape vines were planted in the 1980s instead! This local favourite from the North in the Tamar Valley still hand pick all of their grapes. Visiting their cosy cellar door will also give you the chance to hand feed Pinot the Pig.

Awarded 94 points by James Halliday, you can try their 2016 Sauv Blanc in the Atrium Bar or Restaurant Tasman – it’s got hints of passionfruit and gooseberry flavours.

Grandvewe Cheesery

This unique cheese is made of sheep’s milk, sourced from the herd of sheep on site. Our chefs at Restaurant Tasman love to feature their Primavera with its buttery texture or the highly awarded Sapphire Blue, with its slightly smoky finish.

Grandvewe also distils Harsthorn Sheep’s Whey Vodka made from the leftover whey, a by-product of cheese making. Discover it for yourself in the Atrium Bar –it’s deliciously unfiltered with hints of wild spice.

Or better yet, visit the farm! With sheep milking demonstrations, cheese and vodka tastings and light meals on offer, it’s a day out in itself.  Located only 40 minutes’ drive south of the Hotel.


Tasmanian oysters have a very distinctive flavour and a fresh aroma which producers put down to our clean environment and the cool temperatures of the southern ocean. Restaurant Tasman’s chefs feature natural oysters or baked oysters nightly on our menu. We hand pick our Pacific oysters daily from either the north, east and south-east coasts depending on availability.


Tassal salmon is a leader in Atlantic salmon production in our state. Our chefs share Tassal’s passion to share high quality, tasty, Tasmanian salmon. We have a delicious main dish of salmon with beetroot gnocchi in Restaurant Tasman and a board of fresh local seafood in the Atrium Bar.

There is also a Tassal salmon shop in Salamanca worth a visit to stock up on salmon products, cooking utensils and recipe books.