We love all things Tasmanian and we’re lucky enough to have some of the freshest local produce going around and it makes for some pretty tasty products.

Here are just some of our favourite Tassie things to eat and drink at the moment, which we think you’d like as well…


We love our Gin and are so proud that Tasmania has some of the finest to offer.

Located in the Northwest of Tasmania you will find Southern Wild Distillery who make the award-winning Dasher + Fisher gins. The name comes from the two rivers – Dasher River and Fisher River – which run from the snow melt mountains. They pride themselves on drawing inspiration from Tasmanian landscapes and bringing unique aromas to life by using sustainably sourced, local ingredients.

In Tasmania’s central highlands you will find Lawrenny Estate. Living up to their motto, Lawrenny is uniquely Tasmanian, drawing from the rich history of Van Diemen’s Land to inspire their range of spirits and gin. Lawrenny have recently broken through the domestic market and gone international.

You can stop by the Atrium and try our Dasher + Fisher Gin tasting paddle or treat yourself to a Lawrenny Gin and Tonic along with discovering other tassie favourites for yourself.


Belgrove Whisky is made in Kempton about 40 minutes north of Hobart.  The distiller Peter Bignell was a farmer for over 40 years but with a true Tassie “can do” attitude he made his own still. Peter grows his own rye, heats his still with leftover biodiesel from the roadhouse near his farm – making his business extremely sustainable. His original rye whisky is very tasty but if that’s not to your taste – he also makes a delicious apple brandy. For a chance to go out and meet Peter, you will need to arrange a tour with our mates at Drink Tasmania.

Hellyers Road distillery is located in the north west of Tasmania near Burnie. Named after a bush trail carved out by Henry Hellyer in 1827 and founded by a group of Dairy farmers, Hellerys Road Distillery is renowned for making an extensive range of quality, award winning whisky.

Last and certainly not least is Lark Distillery. Bill Lark got the name “godfather of Tasmanian Whiskey” when he fought (and won) to overturn laws banning distilling which had been around since the 1800’s. The Lark family has been distilling since 1992 and rumour has it, they’ve even sold a still or two over to the Scot’s.  The Classic Single Malt is amazing and well worth a try but if whisky isn’t your thing – they also make gin using local ingredients like Tasmanian Pepperberries. You can visit the Lark Cellar door just across from the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart & Tasman Restaurant on Davey Street.

We struggled to keep this section small as there is so much good golden stuff around these days. Be sure to pop down to the Atrium Bar and have a look at our collection of darker spirits.


As the world of craft brewing continues to grow and evolve, it seems every man and his dog wants to get in on the act. But there’s something a bit special with Tasmanian’s breweries – having the benefits of Tasmania’s pure water and soil conditions help the cause.

Come in and try some of our favourites including Hobart Brew Co.’s Saint Christopher Cream Ale and Shambles Brewery’s Summer Ale in the Atrium.


Located in Franklin in the Huon Valley, Frank’s cider prides itself of producing quality and tasty ciders using tree ripened fruits. Frank’s has a long standing history dating back to the 1800s when their first fruit trees were planted. The apple cider is crisp and refreshing and the pear cider is an Atrium favourite, slightly sweeter in style. You can also discover Frank’s ciders including their cherry pear and raspberry pear at their cellar door. Located approximately 48kms south of the hotel, it’s the perfect pit stop for cider, cheese or a coffee.

On your way down to Franks another must stop along the way is Willie Smith’s. This apple shed, museum and distillery started out with one single apple tree planted in 1888. Being only 25 minutes from the hotel, it is a perfect stop on your way down the Huon to sample their wide range of cider while enjoying their seasonal menu… their apple pie is a must!


Whether you’re just starting out on your wine-loving journey or you fancy yourself a budding sommelier, our wine lists have something for everyone and every taste.

Milton: What started out as a Wool farm back in 1826 Milton Vineyard diversified into wine grapes more than two decades ago.
You will find the Vineyard on the “42 Degrees South” sunny Freycinet Coast of Tasmania.
It has come a very long way in a short amount of time as Milton was crowned the 2017 Tasmanian Vineyard of the Year.
The Atrium Bar features one of their best the Pinot Gris.

Wobbly Boot: Not only does Wobbly Boot produce incredible cool climate wines, but they are also philanthropists – raising money and awareness for the care and love of our four-legged friends. Their sparking and Pinot Noir are two of our faves and can be found in our Atrium Bar or Tasman Restaurant. Have a chat to our team to find out how you can attend one of their many fundraisers or pop out to the vineyard that is only 30 mins from the Hotel for a met and greet with these incredible humans.

Goaty Hill: Just North of Launceston in the Tamar Valley you will find Goaty Hill Wines. Their commitment to organic agricultural practices and passion for their craft make a perfect selection of wines that tick all the boxes.

As Riesling has risen in popularity over the years, Goaty Hill have hit all the right notes with theirs, so it was a must for our wine list and we can’t wait for you to try it.


We love supporting Tasmanian growers and producers and our commitment to sustainable farming begins with salmon we source from Petuna fisheries. With two farms in Tasmania – Macquarie harbour and Rowella – this family business is renowned for their passion for protecting the environment from which their livelihood and future comes from.

We proudly source our pacific oysters from Bruny Island and Dunalley and our scallops from the Barnett family in Bridport on the north coast of Tasmania.

To experience the distinctive flavour and a fresh aroma of Tasmanian seafood – which producers put down to our clean environment and the cool temperatures of the southern ocean – dine in with us tonight at Tasman Restaurant.